This is a very early post (probably way to soon anyway, but…) in the [DEV] MycroftOS project blog series. MycroftOS is a bare minimal OS based on Buildroot which has only one purpose which is running Mycroft without any further additional packages and / or overhead. At the end of the project, it could be
Recently I became aware of a very nice project that makes it possible to run a complete fullscreen borderless hardware accelerated webbrowser on the Raspberry Pi. As you might have read in one of the blog posts in the [DiY] Personal A.I. Assistant series, I would like to run it on the device and making
By using the Raspbian distro on the Raspberry PI (or any debian / main stream distro for that matter on any embedded device), most of the software packages that you would want to install are available within the package manager of the distribution. Sometimes there some small / medium sized programs missing, or you want
On to installing Home Assistant on our device. Like with the KODI installation, this is mostly information widely available on the internet, yet again included within this series for compleness sake. So let’s get started with installing the dependencies if not yet installed. (Not really sure anymore, sorry for this) [bash] sudo apt-get install python3
Next on the list is to install KODI on our device. This of course is optional, but as my device will end up close to the TV within the livingroom and I would like to have a great mediaplayer that plays all my offline content as well as a lot of online content (the upcoming
As mentioned in my previous blog post, this next blog post is about where we are at and what lies ahead. There are still so much things that I would like to do, create and / or implement at the Home Personal A.I. Assistant project. The next two items where already on the list and
The last few weeks were busy. Very busy! However I am more than happy how the new website turned out. Still a lot of things to do, but I will keep going in the next weeks. I will get there. Because of all the website mumbu jumbu that was going on, I was not able
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In one of the previous blog post I wrote about my plan to contact the people of Orbital Case – Polypodis Shop about the possibilities of having the case ordered straight from them and have it delivered to The Netherlands. Well during the website overhaul I did and their response was suprisingly, well…. Great! They
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The last two weeks where, well let’s call it interesting. As you may have read in the previous blog post, the whole site got an overhaul. However that was all cosmetics. Next on the list was to finally install and configure the SSL certificates to move away from the old HTTP protocol and into the