We have identified all the software requirements and we have ordered the goodies. Now it is time to start installing the different components and start the configuration of all different packages. After following this installation instruction we should have a basic system up and running with the latest MyCroft version using the ReSpeaker microphone array
The MyCroft AI core stack consists of multiple software packages that are connected by the core stack. For example, every part of the voice assistant is handled by his own piece of “expertise”. In this blogpost will will give an better explanation of those different parts of this core stack. Under the hood Precise –
MyCroft AI – The world’s first open source voice assistant was created and launched by a startup with the same name. The company MyCroft was set up in 2015 with the aim; “AI for everyone” open source installable on every piece of hardware from computers, to refrigerators, wearables, TVs, cars and so on. What is

Ordering some Goodies

As discussed in Part-2 of the [DIY] Home (Personal AI) Assistant blog post series we decided we needed some hardware to buy. Basically a Raspberry Pi, ReSpeaker 4-Mic Array and a nive looking case. Well, that’s what I did! Here is what I specifically ordered, where and a quick glance at all the parts. I
With the base system hardware decision out of the way, we need to decide which software we are going to use. In this blog post we are going to talk about which underlying OS we are going to use. Which Home Automation software package to use and for the “Heart” of the whole system, which
In my previous post I wrote about my ideas to automate my home with an important part to be a A.I. personal assistant. There are smart speakers out there that can be used to do more, but my vission is to have it all in one device if possible.  So in this post I would
For a long time I have been looking at how I want to automate my house. One of the MOST important part of that automation, for me would be a voice controlled personal assistant (A.I) that can do ANYTHING I ask it to do. Over the last few weeks I have looked at many software
Fuck that shit! I go back to doing fun stuff on this Blog / Website. The last few years, more and more I “rolled back” into the “Hacking Gadgets” type of stuff. So although I stepped away from it a while ago, I basically never left. The whole starting over this website as a more
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The write performance of a SD card is a little bit different then using a conventional spinning disk under Linux. The main problem is that a SD card can not write data over existing data. So whenever it want to write something it has to delete the content of that section first. To add to
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