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Self-learned multidisciplinary ICT enthousiast.

For a previous employer, responsible for developing and implementing their website and intranet system. Developing of many VBA macro’s. Upgrading, Implemention and design of two linux based dataservers, email server, router / VPN system and network infrastructure. 

Who I am

Always looking out for new interesting things to learn. New skills to develop and projects to run. 

Currently into Smart Home Automation. Personal A.I. Assistant (smart speaker 2.0) combined of course with the available Kodi experience and knowledge.

Blogging about all aspects during the Research & Development stage. I do the home work so that you have all the right information in one place and don't have to "Google" everything.


My strong affinity with ICT matters has earned me certain online "recognition" and got me involved in multiple interesting projects.

A co-founder of "The Little Black Box", a multimedia streamer based on XBMC / Kodi. A device that was brought available to big retail shops in the Netherlands such as MediaMarkt, BCC and many big online webshops as, and others as an end result.

Patreon Awards

In the past on this same blog I used a donation type of system.

This time I am taking another route by utilizing Patreon. Still doing what I love, get paid for the costs, while you guys get all the perks and rewards related to it.

A win-win situation is you ask me.

Donations are however still more than welcome.

What I will cover.

With my strong affinity with opensource software and hardware the main topics on this website would be mostly, but sure not limited to the ones described here on the right.

Free software, available for everyone to create awesome projects.


Linux kernel and OS, from desktop to server, from embedded to the smallest IoT devices.


Kodi, formerly known as XBMC is a free and opensource multimedia entertainment center. It play's all your local content and has a big addon / plugin system to do more than what any other multimedia player does.

The world’s first open source voice assistant! “AI for everyone” open source installable on every piece of hardware from computers, to refrigerators, wearables, TVs, cars and so on.

Home Assistant

Home Assistant is an open-source home automation platform running on Python 3. Track and control all devices at home and automate control. Perfect to run on a Raspberry Pi.

Embedded Devices

Smart TV boxes, TV Dongles, PCB's and bare IoT devices. Basically anything that can run Linux or Linux related software. Currently working with Raspberry Pi, previously worked on Amlogic and Allwinner devices.

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