[DiY] Home (Personal AI) Assistant

This page is linking to all the blog posts in the series where I am creating my very own Home Personal A.I. Assistant based on MyCroft A.I.  Mycroft is the world’s first open source assistant that can be extended and expanded to the limits of your imagination. MyCroft A.I. as of I, believe the future of AI should be open, not a cryptic black box only few understand and have control over. Building this new technology together, collaborating, sharing ideas and building on top of each other – that’s how we see it.

In the upcoming days, weeks and perhaps months I will write a blog series about my journey into MyCroft A.I. Home Automation and any other aspect that will create me that DIY Home Personal Assistant. At this page I will link all the different parts and information, easy for you to find. Perhaps you may jump in with me and create your very own.