[DiY] Home (Personal AI) Assistant (HASS / GA / Alexa / MyCroft)

For a long time I have been looking at how I want to automate my house. One of the MOST important part of that automation, for me would be a voice controlled personal assistant (A.I) that can do ANYTHING I ask it to do. Privacy is a thing to consider now a days. I want to keep everything under my own control with the devices in my house. Being able to decide for myself whether and if so, which cloud services are being used. Ultimately, the device must also be able to operate completely independently offline in the future. To prevent that things no longer work at some point in time because the internet is down, or that the cloud service being used all of a sudden decides to shut down.

For weeks I have been researching the different software and hardware options. However finally decided the way forward for both the software as hardware to be used. In the upcoming days/weeks, I will write a series of blog posts about how I see the ultimate; Home Personal A.I. Assistant. I will discuss the different choices I made, the hardware and software involved. And of course how-to all set it up. That last part is basically been done on the fly, while developing the whole system.