A while ago I created a Mycroft A.I. skill for the ReSpeaker 4-Mic array HAT. It was originally only published on their skill-feedback section, however since I pushed a couple of changes a few days ago and I am not able to test it myself because of a possible hardware failure, I thought I share
It has been a while once again since the last update. The previous blogpost on this topic mentioned a second alpha version being available. This blogpost is actually about the fourth alpha release. Yes we skip the third. It has been released on the Mycroft A.I. forums in between, but that was already some time
Holy crap ! The last blog post here is already more than half a year old … Time flies, when you are… No hang on, that was not having fun. Just rather busy with the day time job. Family life, and more of those excuses. Oh well. Found some time, to send a “I am
A first (very) early alpha release is ready. Still a lot of things to fix/change/create/etc however it looks like I have all Mycroft stuff working one way or the other. I could use some feedback, both positive as negative. So if you have some free/spare time and a spare SD card, please give it a

[Update] My plans for 2019

It has (again, yeah I know) been a while since my last blog post. The new year has already been here for almost a month and I even didn’t wish you all of the best for 2019. So for anyone that feels offended by that; All the best for the new year ! 2019 will
Perhaps it is about time to give a little update on this project as well. Not that I really kicked it off, but there are some related developments behind the curtain that do relate to this project as well. Recently I gave an update about the MycroftOS project where I stated that I moved away
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October went by (time flies when you are having fun!), hence the first week of November is also already gone so it is about time to update you all about the progress on MycroftOS. In my last update I mentioned that the git commit history was a complete mess. Last month I took the time,
In my previous first blog post about the MycroftOS project, I informed you all about the start of the project. Now I did mention in that blog post that it was most likely a bit premature to already blog about it. However in the last few weeks I have been able to work on the
Some Mycroft A.I. Ideas I developed over time It has been a while now since I came into contact with Mycroft A.I. Till then I have been playing around with it and started the blog post about how to create your own Personal A.I. Assistant blog series. I will shortly continue with that blog series,